Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Marketing and the Yoga Mamas

Marketers have identified a new and powerful target group: the Yoga Mamas.
Yoga Mamas are middle- and upper-income mothers who are revolutionizing the baby-products market.
These mothers significantly different from others - for one, they are far more brand-conscious than their parents before them. They are focused on the fitness and well-being of their offspring and are extremely fit themselves, show off their pregnant bodies in “normal” clothes, dodging maternity wear.
They tend to be better educated and have more disposable income to spend on fewer children than past generations. Many start a family later in life, when they are financially secure.
They have established tastes and extend their lifestyle to their babies.
They “strollercize” – power walking with the baby stroller.

What makes the Yoga Mamas so influential?

  1. They are trendsetters for other moms including those that don’t have their shopping power.
  2. hey are creating demand for and boosting the sales of premium-priced baby creams and lotions, Italian leather toddler shoes, Bugaboo strollers, baby-bling-jewelry, diaper bags, etc.
  3. They demand near-constant reinvention of the toys and other products they purchase for their babies.
  4. They want a more exclusive and convenient boutique shopping experience.
  5. They belong to social and technological networks, and make great advocates for a product or cause.

The US market of infant and preschool products is estimated at $27 billion with a growth rate of over 4% annually – a higher growth rate that the overall toy, apparel, and furniture markets. So how do manufacturers reach the Yoga Mamas?

Yoga Mamas have little leisure time. Shopping, e-mail, and chatting online are often done late in the evening. They are therefore not exposed to the traditional media such as advertisements on TV and radio and newspaper ads.
Their main source of consumer information is networking - other mothers.
Since they are strapped for time, some companies offer a tightly edited product menu of just four or five items per category.

In order to successfully market to the Yoga Mamas, a company must focus on the following:

  1. The product must be top quality and meet the health conscience standards of the mother.
  2. The product must be upgraded/renewed continuously, making the product lifecycle short.
  3. The price is not sensitive – the mothers prefer buying high priced items over bargains.
  4. The product must come recommended, preferably from a fellow mother (or Oprah).
  5. Purchasing is an emotional experience with lots time restrains. The product offering must therefore be clear, concise and on target in an appealing environment.
  6. Advertising and promotion must be innovative – traditional media outlets don’t work.
  7. PR campaigns should be “emotional” – taking the self-image of the mothers as well as their vision about their babies’ lifestyle into consideration.

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