Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Google’s real-time search – a search engine marketing dream come true?

Google announced the roll-out of its new real-time search function. Search results will incorporate real-time content from Twitter feeds, blog posts, online news content, Facebook status updates, and content from MySpace, FriendFeed, and Jaiku.
According to Google, the latest results and the new search options are also designed for iPhone and Android devices for info-on-the-go.
With this move, Google also tries to stay ahead of its main competitor - Microsoft's Bing that already has a real-time search function.
With its real-time search, Google will change SEO forever.
  1. More and more companies will be "forced" to use social media to get exposure and to stay ahead of their competitors.
  2. SEO and marketing experts will have a plethora of new opportunities for search engine optimization and marketing. Keyword and search terms will be embedded and searched in real-time news content, tweets, etc.
  3. Companies need to be aware of what content and news they publish, since it will be exposed instantly to searches. There is no lead time for rectifications. This is especially important for companies that need to comply with regulatory rules and regulations (e.g., SOX and HIPAA).
  4. Users of social media must be even more careful than before what content they post of their Facebook page or what they tweet about.
  5. Facebook users need to be aware that if they flagged their profile as public, posted info can be displayed in search results.

It's too soon to predict what the impact on SEO and marketing will be, but it looks like a search engine marketing dream come true......

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