Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Lessons Companies can learn from their Live Chats

More and more companies have a live chat option on their websites. It’s a great tool on many levels. Why?

It allows companies to connect with users that are unfamiliar with their offerings

People search internet and come across their website. They are looking for something and they often do not find it immediately. These visitors love a live chat option to ask for tips. This allows a company to learn a lot about their visitors.

Furthermore, live chat allows a company to communicate with user groups that normally would not purchase the company’s products or services. However, since these visitors did end on the website, they expressed an interest or problem that the company can address.

Live Chat can help with conversion

Live chat definitely helps with conversion. It is the perfect tool to persuade any doubting Thomas, and also helps to accumulate questions that visitors are wrestling with to make their decision. Addressing these questions is often crucial.

Addressing the irritation frustration of users

Visitors often turn to live chat because they are irritated or even frustrated with a company. In many cases they tried to contact the company in a traditional way (phone, fax, email) without success.

The service department or the helpdesk must be used to being contacted 24/7. However, in case that that the customer does not get the response/ / service he or she expects, live chat is a great way to retain such a customer.

In short, live chat (when used properly) can give amazing insight into one’s (potential) customers and market!

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