Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Online Press Release Kid on the Blog

PressDoc is an online platform for “press releases 2.0″ (aka “social media releases”) distribution. Traditional press release distribution services make sure that your press release ends up at a slew of media, including mainstream media (e.g., Yahoo, Fox, CNBC) and trade mags, as well as journalists, social websites and blogs.

PressDoc takes a different approach and focuses on individuals and organizations that already have a media contact list and do not want to bother with writing a standard press release. Instead, they can send a link to those contacts pointing them to a webpage with images and videos on the PressDoc platform that also provides statistics.

PressDoc is aimed at startups that do not want to spend money on established press release distributors such as PRNewswire (which also distributes social or multi-media press releases).  The average amount of press releases on PressDoc is around 150 per month.

Is PressDoc a main contender or a niche player? You decide!

  • Amsterdam-based PressDoc is very Euro-centric with payment in Euros. Its main customers are based in Europe, which is a problem when penetrating the US market, let alone other foreign markets such as Latin America, Russia and the Far East.

  • PressDoc offers do-it-yourself services like hosted multiple online press rooms where you can use your own domain and provide a place to store bookmark links to collect articles about your brand. This requires a certain level of knowledge how investment in time from the user.

  • PressDoc offer the Social Media Release (SMR or SMNR) press release template / format that was originally authored by Todd Defren of Boston-based SHIFT Communications. This template is also offered by PressDoc competitors such as RealWire.

  • PressDoc offers no apparent options to distribute a release or SEO-enable it, which is the main reason why PRNewswire et al remains the main choice.

  • According to users, PressDoc doesn't distribute press releases for them, but makes it easier to leverage existing online presence for PR purposes. In many cases, a wire service might still be the way to go.

How I see it, PressDoc is competing in a market niche dominated by Prezly.
Do you agree? Please share your input!

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