Thursday, June 06, 2013

How a Fake Restaurant Review on Yelp Backfired

A SF writer got wind of a review of Tuba restaurant on Yelp.

The woman who wrote the review claims to be working at the SF.  She wrote: “This place totally rocks! The food blows your mind away. I also write for SF weekly and I definitely am writing about them this week!”
But there is one major problem - she never wrote for SF! As the editor stated, he knows all the writers and what they are and aren't assigned to do, but he never heard of “Maya C.”

The SF editor set out to correct it –easier said than done. Yelp isn't easy to deal with.

He sent the fake review Ms. Maya C. a message: "I am the food editor at SF Weekly. Who are you? We don't have a Maya C. working for us right now. Please explain why you cite us in your review of Tuba."
Maya C, sent the following response (to avoid legal action?): "sf weekly voice, I will fix it. I am very very sorry to cite your name, I haven't checked my reviews since."

Needless to say,she did not. SF Weekly is obviously worried about its credibility, while Yelp could not care less.

In the mean time, just ignore the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! fake review of Tuba - it’s as real as a three dollar note. If you still want to go to Tuba, I have a bridge I want to sell you…..

Maya C has damaged Tuba's restaurant's reputation beyond repair - be careful when you engage a so-called social media wizard ad Ms. Maya C!

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