Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nissan’s Perfect Reaction to a Cheeky Advertisement for Selling an Old Nissan Maxima

Luke Aker wanted to sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima. The car was not only old, but also was quite battered. He put the cat on Graigslist which was not successful.

Being a filmmaker and owner of Ikonik Films, Aker came up with a great way to sell his car – making a cool ad!

His tongue-in-cheek advertisement is brilliant. It’s a witty parody of your average car commercial. The voiceover states that "It not only brings more admiring stares than any other car I have driven it also has seat belts! Amazing!" Furthermore, it’s pointed out that the car has amazing features such as "wheels" and "tires”.

The footage is gorgeous, lovingly showing the car's torn seats and weathered paint job.

Nissan became aware of the advertisement, the company reacted perfectly. Nissan USA tweeted:

Hey @IkonikFilms: SOLD! Had us at "land-yacht" and this hilarious '96 Maxima ad: - We want to make you an offer. DM us!”

Luke Aker quickly responded. The following day, he sold his old Nissan Maxima to the automaker. Nissan went even further: it made a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Needless to say, Aker was touched and tweeted:

Just got off the phone. @NissanUSA Will be Purchasing the car AND Donating $1000.00 to Wounded Warrior #SoAmaze #wow “

What can we learn from this case?
  1. Be creative in your marketing and sales
    (Aker was able to grab the attention of one of the world’s largest automakers with his sales ad!) 
  2. Have a sense of humor
    (Creating spoofs or parodies is great for getting exposure in our social media age – especially if you can go viral via YouTube, Facebook, etc.) 
  3. Leverage a PR opportunity when it comes your way
    (Nissan grabbed the opportunity for some amazing (and low-cost!) branding and PR) 
  4. Use any PR or branding opportunity that comes your way to make a donation to a mainstream charity (The PR and branding you will get out of it will be priceless!)
  5. Be gracious
    (Aker paid respect to Nissan for its classy reaction)

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