Monday, February 16, 2015

Five Great Applications for Drones

Drones are on the rise, drones in the US but also in Europe. Drones are becoming cheaper, able to lift more weight and also get easier to control. It’s only a matter of time before the drone will become part of your daily life – one way or the other.

1. Sales Promotion

The drone will become one of the tools in marketing & PR. Real estate agents can use it to show property for sale, and tourist agencies for showcasing destinations. Event planners and exhibition organizers can use it as a powerful tool to drum up business. Universities can show potential students what they will enjoy. Let’s face it - what is more powerful than an ascending drone shooting a professional video with paparazzi effect? Huge number of viewers guaranteed!

2. Home Delivery

Let’s face it – schlepping to the super can be so annoying when you find out you run out of e.g., milk. Supermarket s will offer an “instant drone service” to deliver to your doorstep. It so fits into our digital lifestyle.

More importantly, drone delivery will also become standard for reaching remote locations with essential and even lifesaving supplies. That future is already here, DHL already delivers medical supplies by drone the remote German island Juist.

3. Agriculture

Agriculture is the lifeline of our existing, so it only makes sense that drones will contribute. A drone can assist farmers to monitor their crops from above. This would allow them to take immediate measures, such as irrigation. The drone would be a small investment for a great ROI since higher yields would achieved.

4. First Aid

Just consider the scenario of a cardiac arrest in a public place or at home and no defibrillator is available. Sending a drone is faster than dispatching an ambulance and could therefore save lives. The Dutch Delft University of Technology demonstrated that the survival change after a cardiac arrest jump from 8% to 80% after using a so-called ambudrone.

5. Inspection

Inspecting property will be easy with a drone. This could range from homeowners checking out their gutters or solar panels to governmental agencies checking illegal structures.

These are all great applications of drones. However, there is a major problem – in most cases, it’s not allowed. Legislation is lacking behind. Even innocent use of drones will result in legal action.

In the Netherlands, Mr. Jelte Keur was fined 350 euro for shooting drone images of a landmark, the Domtoren.

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