Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About The Five Types of Prosumers

Euro RSCG has been conducting research about prosumers (professional consumers) for some time now. With the rise in social media use, the importance and impact of prosumers has been growing.

Prosumers differ from consumers. Prosumers have (relatively speaking) more influence, are more involved, and are more digital-savvy. compared to “regular” consumers. For brand owners, prosumers are important. Companies want to know what motivates them.

There are 5 prosumer archetypes based on social media use, the way content is shared, and reasons to be active on social networks

  1. Utilitarians are the natural allies of brands that make appealing offers

  2. Entertainers get excited by stimuli

  3. Advocates as a good citizen and to contribute to a better world

  4. Co-Creators support brands that approach them in a personal way and help them to come into contact with others

  5. Competitors assume that brands are in competition, as they themselves would.

To learn more about prosumers, check out the video below. It also includes world domination by Google in 2050 and Lawrence Lessig becoming US Secretary of Justice in 2020 and declaring copyright illegal!


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