Thursday, April 26, 2012

Useful Tips for Pitching News

As a marketing or PR professional, it is quite likely part of your job to pitch news to journalists and magazines.
It is important to realize that not every interview you arrange or information you sent will be published.  
Once you have news to share, seek out the magazine that matches your target audience.

Below are some tips for pitching your news:
  • Get to know the writers/journalists by checking out what they have written about before.
  • Feed the right story; it must be interesting / newsworthy.
  • Only pitch new products or significant product changes.
  • Only .pitch case studies when your company is mature / well-known
  • A pitched case study or article must contain a hot topic, such as solving a business problem with a proprietary technical solution.
  • Only pitch executive profiles of well-known appointees / executives.
  • Only respin old news if it has a new angle.
  • Highlight the unusual.
  • Pitch in a timely manner; the earlier the better. If not pitched in 0-day, the hot topic will be all over the news within 2 hours.
  • Provide compelling collateral; supply sources that are appealing.
  • Pitch by email; journalists and writers hate to be “stalked”.
  • Never intimidate; be professional.
  • Once published, distribute the article via your own channels (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin).
  • Search on social media and forums for the article. Once found, share and leave comments. Also search Twitter for tweets about the article, and retweet.

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