Wednesday, October 24, 2012

British Gas logo placement – a cunning marketing move or a happy mistake?

British Gas has actively promoted the London Olympics 2012. More specifically, it took on swimming as its pet project. Sponsorship for Olympic athletes usually helps both the Olympian and the company sponsoring them. The Olympian gets money to train and live, and the sponsor gains valuable exposure.

To keep up with times, British Gas also hired CHI and Partners for a new brand identity. Its logo, which has been used for since 1995, has been spiced up.

The flame from the previous logo has been replaced with a more abstract shape that is in part green.

Its current logo made (advertising) history. British Gas sponsors bronze medal-winning UK diver Tom Daley. However, the company’s logo was rather “strategically” placed on Daley’s sports outfit, as you can see on the picture.

British Gas was criticized for the “pretty awkward placement”of its logo. But let’s face it; there are not that many places where you can put your sponsor logo on this little blue number!

Personally, I think that the placing of the log is brilliant– once seen, you will never forget it! How many Olympics 2012 sponsor logos on athletes‘ outfits can you remember?

It did not harm 18-year-old Daley either – he is looking into ways how to cash in on his celebrety status. 

So let’s face it – even if it was a mistake, it has given both British Gas and Daley a nice PR boost!

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