Saturday, November 03, 2012

William Shatner’s Latest Marketing Move – His Shatoetry App!

The actor William Shatner is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the original StarTrek series and movies, as lawyer Denny Crane in Boston Law, and as Frank O’Hara on Psych. Being a savvy marketer, Mr. Shatner has now launched his new app “Shatoetry”, available for the iPhone.

It contains a library of pre-recorded words allowing users to create unique“Shatisms” that play using Shatner’s voice. According to Mr. Shatner, his life story is unique. He therefore wants his fans to “make them say whatever they want him to say”. Users of the application can therefore create simple sentences, phrases, word juxtapositions, etc. They can send words, phrases or even poems to their friends.

The app also allows two users to collaborate online. They can create their own text using Shatner’s voice. For advanced users, the app allows them to compose poetry and haiku... (personally, I am not sure what would be the benefit of that....)

According to Shatner, the app will be updated with word packs for the holidays and special occasions. He prices the app at App Store right now for $2.99.

As a savvy marketeeer, Mr. Shatner posted the following YouTube promotional video:

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