Saturday, December 07, 2013

To Hate Or Not To Hate – That’s The Facebook App Question

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) recently launched a new app: "Hate with Friends". It allows Facebook users to “hate” their friends instead of removing them as a friend ( to “unfriend” them.

Once you as a Facebook user dislike one of your friends, you can hate that friend via the app. Once your friend hates you back, it shows on both your Facebook accounts.

By adding the app via the "Hate with Friends" website, you can build your very own hate list. You will see a button under each profile picture of your friends with the text "Hate-Him/Hate-Her".

With one click, your friend will be saved as your object of hate. Once your “friend” feels the same, Facebook will notify both of you about the mutual “hate”. It does not impact the friend status; both of you will still be Facebook friends.

Chris Baker developed the app for fun and explained that it should not be taken too seriously. He stated: “I think this anti-social stuff is the next big trend.”

It seems that a lot of Facebook users get the humor: the "Hate with Friends" site alone got already 6,000 Likes!

What do you think? Cool app or a waste of cyberspace?

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