Monday, August 06, 2012

How Ally Stevenson’s Clean Heels Became a Summer 2012 Marketing Success

It’s often a simple solution to an annoying problem that becomes a commercial success. Women wearing high heels know the sinking feeling you get when walking or standing on wet grass. Stilettos are easily ruined and having them repaired is expensive.

Ally Stevenson was also fed up that her shoes were ruined at rainy outdoor events. She came up with a simple and elegant solution: Heel Stoppers. The wearer only needs to slip the stoppers onto the end of the stiletto. 

Clean Heels was founded in 2009 and got a marketing boost from bad weather. Dubbed “the wettest drought on record”, the year 2012 started with months of hotter than normal temperatures, followed by lots of rain. Protecting high-heeled shoes at outdoor events (weddings, races, etc.) became important. Nobody wanted their shoes sinking in mud or wet grass during the event. Clean Heels was able to double its 2011 sales. 

The Fareham, Hampshire-based company was able to generate some nice PR. Heel Stoppers were featured in a number of high-profile magazines, including Vogue. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was wearing stilettos with Heel Stoppers in the movie The Lost Valentine. Heel Stoppers also appeared on ITV show Day Break and the UK soap opera Hollyoaks.

Clean Heels is for sure a company worth watching!

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