Monday, August 27, 2012

Virgin’s Richard Branson Business Advice

As we all know, Richard Branson is highly successful. He operates according to the following credo:
  1. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. You must love what you do.
  2. Be innovative: Create something different that will stand out.
  3. Your employees are your best asset. Happy employees make for happy customers.
  4. Lead by listening: Get feedback from your staff and customers on a regular basis.
  5. Be visible: Market the company and its offers by putting yourself or a senior person in front of the cameras
He also teaches these principles to participants in Virgin’s Pioneers program. Participant Jamal Edwards took good notice.
Edwards founded SB.TV, an online music and lifestyle channel, with just himself and his camera. He posted videos of rap performances for his online followers and soon developed a cult following for his passionate, innovative and authentic early videos of musical events.
Once he had established a brand and a following, Edwards and his team extended SB.TV’s reach into more areas, including music and lifestyle, merchandise, clothing and even a record label. Traditional brands like Puma and Nando’s contacted Edwards for deals and endorsements. Edwards keeps up the momentum by being visible, promoting both SB.TV and himself.

Lessons to be learned from Branson:

1. Have the right idea
2. Execute it properly
3. Don’t be worried about the launch date of your start-up
4. Keep an eye on changes in your business environment
5. Be aware that basic (business) rules always remain the same
6. Don’t get nostalgic about how things used to be
7. Take advantage of new opportunities
8. Face new challenges to your advantage

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Cindy Davis said...

If we all had the mind of Richard Branson, they'd be no new businesses to be had! I haven't had much success in terms of how to get results from business coaching, perhaps I need Richard's input personally!